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Carol M
Oct 14, 2019

Jim B
Oct 13, 2019

Ted H
Sep 15, 2019

Mandra C
Sep 03, 2019

Tim V
Aug 18, 2019

Erica Y
Aug 06, 2019

Jennifer T
Aug 01, 2019

We live in the country with many trees in our shelter belt plus landscaping and lots of rain this summer. It was so bad we wore mosquito nets for protection in mid-day. Mosquito Joe saved our summer. Results were almost immediate and lasted along time considering the additional rain we recieved following. The jiggers that would fall on me when I mowed were gone too. Even the bugs from the surrounding fields made a quick exodus it seemed. We have scheduled a repeat application for this month and are looking for a bug free summer.

Gary G
Jul 28, 2019

Terra K
Jul 09, 2019

Don H
Jul 05, 2019
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